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2019 Application

We began recruitment of overseas participants, overseas youth leaders, and prefecture participants in the UCHINA Junior Study Project in 2019 . We look forward to a lot of your application!

Purpose of the project

Okinawa prefecture-based children in the world and students of the same generation in Okinawa Prefecture learn about Okinawa's history, culture, nature, etc. together while living together, while building a strong bond, the prefectural family is a roots To deepen the understanding of Okinawa, and to expand the international view of prefectural students, nurture the next generation that will be responsible for the Uchinar network of the world.


To educate the next generation Uchina Network. Through studying Okinawan history, culture, nature and more side-by-side, participants from abroad can deepen their understanding of and bond with, their mother prefecture of Okinawa while local participants can expand their worldviews.

Implementation period

  • Advance learning (planned): Saturday, June 29, 2019, Saturday, July 13 (Saturday) * Preliminary study is only for participants in the prefecture · Youth leaders in the prefecture

  • Learning program: Sunday , July 28 , 2019 - August 3 (Saturday)

  • Program: July 28 (Sun) to August 3 (Sat), 2019

Content of study program

  1. Learning about nature
    Touching nature, flora and fauna and the like in Okinawa, learn the importance

  2. Learning about history
    Over history and history historical sites in Okinawa, touch history and Roman dynasty romance.

  3. Learning about culture (Traditional Crafts / Entertainment Experience)
    Experiencing and experiencing cultures such as crafts, entertainment, born from the history of Okinawa.

  4. Study of Peace
    I will learn about the history of war around the battlefields of Okinawa and think about peace.

  5. Study of society
    Experience life in Okinawa and know the current situation in Okinawa.

  6. Immigration Studies
    Learn about the history of immigration and immigration in Okinawa Prefecture, the Uchinanchu competition, the day of Uchinanchu in the world and reaffirm Uchinanchu's identity.


Overseas Participants

For details, please see the following application guidelines / application form.​

Download Here:

Overseas Youth Leader
What is a youth leader?

The Overseas Youth Leader plays a role as a member of the staff to utilize the experiences of the Junior Study Tour Project or Uchinar Junior Study Project that he participated in the past and to effectively implement the learning program. Specifically, we actively exchanges on social network services before the program, and follow-up participants during the program period.

The youth leader from overseas, having experienced the the Junior Study Tour or the Uchina Junior Study Program, will act as a member of staff to help the study. the program, then s / he will proactively interact with the participants and exert a pull on the participants as leader during the program.

Download Here:

 Application Deadline: April 12, 2019 (Friday) Strictly Enforced


SUBMIT TO: Okinawa Prefecture Culture and Tourism Sports Division Exchange Promotion Division

PHONE: + 81-98-866-2479

EMAIL: aa082400@pref.okinawa.lg.jp

Okinawa Prefecture | Uchina Junior Study Project 

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